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Sensei Benny ChitolieBenny Chitolie, a career Martial Artist and Self Defense Professional is the CEO of Chitolies Realistic Self Defense & Law Enforcement Tactics Centre based in St. Lucia. With a career of over ten years experience in the field, Sensei Benny Chitolie delivers quality and effective training to persons of all walks of life. Sensei Chitolie was trained Primarily by Professor Marty Cale of the U.S.A who is also a career professional with decades of experience in so many different systems including Krav Maga, Combative Jujitsu, Kick Boxing, and Jeet Kun Do (Bruce Lee's System) to name a few. Sensei Chitolie holds a 4th Dan in White Tiger Kenpo Karate, 3rd Dan in Combative Jujitsu, 3rd Dan in Shito Ryu, 3rd Dan in Shotokan Karate, 1st Dan in Kickboxing, 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do, a Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, Certified Level I Krav Maga Instructor to name a few.


The company has been involved in training civilians, security personnel, private citizens and students from a number of schools on the island. Our programs are reality based and curtailed to suit the needs of anyone or groups wishing to engage in self protection or the protection of others. Our staff are well trained, very friendly and professionals who always deliver the highest level of training and standards. We maintain a high standard of operation and effectiveness throughout our self defense programs because we believe defending oneself or others is a necessity and the highest of knowledge should always be exhibited.

We have one simple mission: To help those we train live a safer, healthier and happier life through our programs.


Sensei Gibson ChitolieGibson Chitolie, also a career Martial Artist and Self Defense Professional is the Assistant CEO and responsible for all Law Enforcement Tactics Training in the company. He presently holds the rank of Police Inspector and has attributed his martial arts training as the major contributor for his success in the Royal St. Lucia Police Force. He explains that police officers are being confronted by both arm and unarmed criminals on a daily basis. In order to make a clean arrest without being hurt or hurting the assailant, calls for constant training in realistic self defense. This minimizes the use of excessive force by officers and the number of civil suits that follow. He encourages police officers to get trained in Realistic Self Defense because it is an important tool in police protection and reccomends the appropriate Ministry of Government support and implement a training camp for the officers of The Royal St. Lucia Police Force in the same manner that it is done in the more advance countries such as the United States, Israel and Europe.

Sensei Gibson Chitolie has conducted several realistic self defense training with police officers through out St. Lucia and continues to do so especially living in these modern times where criminals are getting more and more sophisticated. He also received extensive military training within the region and is a certified firearms instructor and marksman. He expresses with confidence the addition of realistic self defense to his military/police training has made him a complete officer, dedicated and ready to serve his country and people.